Andrea Hlavackova Foundation

One of the best Czech tennis players, the silver medalist at the Olympic Games in London and Fed Cup national team member has found her own foundation in the year 2012. Its mission is collecting financial resources and funds in order to help the families with the handicapped children and also helping to young handicapped people with integration into the society.

The aim is also to avoid social isolation of children with handicap as well as their families. We would like to make a return to a full life easier. We also support comprehensive rehabilitative and educational care for children with disabilities.

Andrea Hlavackova Foundation wants to provide, collect and take care of financial assets. We want to use the revenues for support its mission. Income from donations, auctions and public collections will use Andrea Hlavackova Foundation in accordance with its mission.

How we want to get resources?

Our first and also the main activities how to get resources are organizing auctions of private property and equipment of main and famous Czech athletes, who log on to the participation in our project.

Apart from tennis players Andrea Hlavackova and Lucie Hradecka, silver medalists at the Olympic Games in London, Roman Kreuziger the best current Czech road cyclist has already donated his equipment for auctions. There are also other famous people, sportsmen and athletes who want to donate our project.

Our next aim is to approach sponsors to whom we want to offer also the participation at selected events and actions of these athletes and personalities involved in the activities of Andrea Hlavackova Foundation. We will make efforts to get some grants which are related to help children with disabilities and their families.However everyone can contribute. You can find the instructions how to send a contribution in section “How to help?”.

Who are we helping to?

Andrea Hlavackova gave profit from auction of her sports equipment to newly-emerged Hájek Center, which is in Pilsen region. It concentrates on helping families with handicapped children. Hájek Center provides to divide intensive care for a handicapped child between family and care center and so it reduces mental and physical stress of all members that kind of family.

We expect that in the future we will help to other similar organizations not only in Pilsen region, but all over the Czech Republic.

How to help?

You can participate in some of the auctions in progress, which you can find in section “Auction”.

You can send a contribution to the transparate donation account of Andrea Hlavackova Foundation. Account number: 3631/5500.

You can provide modern rehabilitation equipment, machinery and utilities etc. that are used for intensive medical rehabilitation of handicapped children. Our experts will be happy to help with a selection.

In the case of interest about concluding the donation agreement (for taxes or other purposes), please contact us by the following email.

Donors and sponsors

Andrea Hlavackova – one of the best Czech tennis players and Fed Cup national team member

Lucie Hradecka - one of the best Czech tennis players and Fed Cup national team member

Roman Kreuziger - the best current Czech road cyclist


Andrea Hlavackova Foundation

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Czech Republic


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Andrea is changing her partner and will play with Chinese Jie Zheng!


The cooperation of Andrea Hlavackova and Lucie Safarova during last half year did not bring expected results and so both great friends have decided for changes. After colas at the beginning of French Open tournament both of the Czech tennis players arranged that they will continue with other partners in the rest of the season. …

Andrea is coming from Paris without victory


It was the least hilarious Grand Slam of the last four seasons. After the failure in the first qualification round in single Andrea lost also her opening matches in doubles and mix and is coming from the Roland Garros courts without victory. But now the attention is to the next part of the season on the grass surface. …

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