Andrea believes in better results on clay

Andrea believes in better results on clay

It was not so successful entry into the season on hard surfaces for Andrea Hlavackova, but with her coach Tomas Petera do not lose well mood. They hope that better could be already move on clay.

After the defeat in the first round in Miami against Victoria Duval you declared that you have to play like before. So what did you do differently this year on the court than in the well made second half of the last year season?
It´s not that I might spoil something this year, but just in some matches I didn´t follow properly tactics and my style game. I tried to play in any way what could bring me a victory, but obviously it doesn´t work that way. It doesn´t seem but tactic is really important in tennis.

Was your defeat in the Miami the biggest disappointment in this season?
Probably not, the worst for me was elimination at the Australian Open, but the defeat from Duval hurts too. The world still works and we have to continue!

What did your coach Tomas Petera say after the match in Miami?
He is also disappointed as I am, but he is trying to encourage me. Now we have to be above these things and especially concentrate on doubles to improve our mood.

Will you try to change anything in preparation?
I would like to continue in a physical fitness, which is long process, but we don´t want to change anything else.

Do you think and hope in better start on clay?
Clay is not exactly my favorite surface, but last year I started great that season, so why not?

Will you change your schedule in continuity of not so well start of this season?
The schedule was full enough even before Miami. We will add one tournament because of my defeat, but not more.

You have started to work with a Spanish conditioning coach. Will you continue in this collaboration?
No, because of the language barrier. But this collaboration was good and brought me lot of things and I was really satisfied with it.

This year you do not have any problems with your health, what do you think about that?
Better preparation, prevention and maybe also because of less matches.

What is the best thing for your psyche?
Hard work, I like hard working, training and look at the future at the next tournaments. Just like last year there were a lot of wonderful days during tournaments full of happiness, to now the worse time came. Unfortunately. Even this is a sport. But we will do it together, we will break it!

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