Andrea feels good before French Open

Andrea feels good before French Open

Andrea Hlavackova has gone to French Open with the enthusiasm. It is known that Andrea does not like clay. In an interview from Paris she said that maybe before the tournament on Roland Garros courts change her mind about clay.

Are you looking forward to the upcoming French Open 2013?
I´m so glad I came back to Paris after a year like a participant in main competition. Last year I had to play a qualifying here and I take it little bit like look back at a successful last season when I won in qualifying and got into main competition.

For the last time you played on tournaments in Madrid and Rome. Then you tried the second Bundesleague in Germany but mainly you were preparing for the next part of the season. How do you feel now?
In Madrid and Rome I felt very well. In Italy I was able to show it by the fact that I qualified for the main competition. There then I was fighting hard to get to the next round with Julia Georges and even I led 6:2 and 4:0. Unfortunately it did not work, but it was good match. Moreover I won against good opponents before that. I took Bundesleague as a chance to keep myself in a match cycle and I´m glad I could play this competition, because every match is an experience and clear victory in singles and doubles give me some self-confidence.

What did you focus on during preparation in Paris?
We´ve continued in it what we´ve started at the beginning of the season, but now we wanted to tune up my form. I worked on my condition, better strength and stability. And I hope it will work. I´m glad also my health is still good.

What are your ambitions in Singles and Doubles in French Open 2013 tournament?
I don´t want to give myself any targets or limits. I´m looking forward to the matches and we´ll see.

You don´t like clay so much. Have you gotten used to it this year?
You can see, every year I say that I like clay from all surfaces at least. Yet it is always getting better and better... I´ve found out, that actually I like clay, if it´s not too heavy and slow. There are fast courts at the French Open, as in Madrid or Rome and it sounds pretty good to me.

You are for the second time this year in Paris. You played there indoor tournament in which you accompanied by your sister. Who makes you company during French Open?
My coach is here with me from day one to the end and also my boyfriend surprised me by a visit. But he´ll be here just until the beginning of the tournament. Then I have to focus on my job. My dad would arrive probably only when I would be successful and I advanced to the next round. I´m fine, I like my peace from the beginning.

In the 1st round you will play against 19th seeded Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova from Russia. You never played single against her. What you can say to the draw?
The draw is difficult, Pavlusha won two tournaments of the WTA this year, but I know her style and I look forward to the match. I wanted someone not from the top 10 ranking and it fulfilled. I feel ready. The pressure will be on her side and it´s good for me.

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