Andrea will drive through Europe

Andrea will drive through Europe

No flying, Andrea will go to the next two upcoming WTA tournaments on the European continent by car. Once again, she will return to the clay, which she will firstly test in Budapest and then she will drive to Bad Gastein in Austria. She will finish her season on the slowest surface in Baku, where she will be travelling by plane.

“Even It´s quite lot behind me at this moment, I will be at home just a few days, when I want especially relax. Then again I will go to tournaments. I´m really looking forward to all of them at home and also it´s quite attractive for me that I will go to the next tournaments by car. It will be nice change,” Andrea said and smiled.

She didn´t involve into last year´s tournaments in Budapest and Bad Gastein. In Baku Andrea got into quarterfinals.

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