Andrea Managed the Finals and also a Difficult Driving by Car

Andrea Managed the Finals and also a Difficult Driving by Car

Andrea Hlavackova together with a Polish partner Marta Domachowska won doubles at the ITF tournament in the Canadian Saguenay without losing a set. The transfer to the last tournament of the season in Toronto will be never forgotten.

“The tournament in Saguenay was really well organized, but this place is located at the far north of Canada where you cannot find a lot of “life”. Unfortunately in singles I finished quite early, so I was glad that I and Marta also had arranged for doubles. We became friends and we enjoyed it as we could,” Andrea Hlavackova said.

They did not have any serious rivals in this tournament with the subsidy of 50 000 USD. They easily got into the finals through three rounds. In the finals they defeated a pair Francoise Abanda (CAN) and Victoria Duval (USA) 7:5, 6:3. “Of course to win the title always make you happy,” Andrea said happily after her 18th triumph in doubles of the ITF series in her career and added: “In Toronto I will play last tournament of the season. I will play just singles and I want to enjoy it very much.”

Unfortunately the way to the other ITF tournament with a subsidy of 50 000 USD was not so easy. “Because of the incredibly expensive fly tickets and extremely complicated journey I and Marta decided to go by a car. During the first part of the journey it was very snowy and later rain. We decided to spend a night in Montreal. The rest of the journey we had better weather but the all way took us over 12 hours. But we made it,” Andrea said.

Her first opponent will be Canadian player Sonja Molnar who got into main competition through the qualification. She did not make the finals, but to the main competition she got as a Lucky Loser. Currently Sonja is 508th players of the WTA ranking. Andrea is the 4th seeded in this tournament in Toronto.

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