Andrea will spend Christmas at home

Andrea will spend Christmas at home

Holidays in Costa Rica are long gone. Andrea Hlavackova has also already finished a big part of hard training in Florida. Andrea will be at home during Christmas, but after Christmas Eve she will start out with new journeys.

How were your holidays in Costa Rica?
Only one word – amazing! The best relax which I could enjoy.

What everything did you do?
We did a lot of adrenaline action. You can see plenty of photos with holidays´ atmosphere which I put on my Facebook profile.

You like more active holidays. Did you spend also some time passively?
It is true, that I like mostly active holiday, but also we spent a few days with just lying.

Lucie Safarova and her boyfriend also went with you and your boyfriend to Costa Rica. Did you have also time to speak about next year in which you will play together?
Of course we talked sometimes about next season, but mainly we wanted to have a rest from tennis and all things which are connected with it. And I think it worked.

With whom were you practiced in Florida?
With my personal coach Tomas Peter and conditioning coach Roman Cech. My boyfriend Fabrizio and Dana Cechova, wife of my conditioning coach who plays professional table tennis, helped me during training sessions.

Now after several weeks you finally came home. How long will you stay here?
Unfortunately only until Christmas Eve. I want to enjoy my home and do not spend time with any duties. I have only a few appointments with doctors and also I have to arrange some things for next season. And then only relax and training in Plzen.

It is known about you that you are perfectionist. So it is probably a pointless question, if you have already bought all presents?
Me?! Well of course… (she is laughing)

Will you tell us your programme for the beginning of the next season?
Sure… Auckland, Melbourne, Pattaya.

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