Auctions have already started!

Auctions have already started!

First things from the FED CUP are available. One of the main hit of Andrea Hlavackova´s website has started. The main target of these auctions is to get as many resources as possible to help needed. In the auction there are first samples of equipment which Andrea got during the final FED CUP.

But that is not all!

”I brought a lot of attractive things from the WTA Tour Championships. Thanks for other players I got really valuable pieces. And I believe that, the auction of these samples, will bring lot of funds,” Andrea said.

There is going to be another part of the auction after this first one. “Currently the point is to get the finance for Hajek Center in Pilsen. They really need it,” she added.

How to join this auction of valuable samples? You can find these information in the section of the auction. The transparent account, where you can find also winning bids, will be launched soon.

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