Andrea is enjoying her vacation

Andrea is enjoying her vacation

An amazing year is behind Andrea. She has gone on vacation, but she doesn´t relax somewhere at the beach. The third best tennis player in doubles in the world went for active recreation to the Austrian Alps!

“I´d like to say hello to all fans from Sölden. It´s my first time here. The weather and everything around us is just wonderful. After several years I´m trying to snowboarding. I have to boast about it, I think I´m quite good,” Andrea and sent word from the Alps.

She devotes the regeneration in the hotel´s spa area during the evenings. And of course she devotes also nice dinners with her boyfriend Fabrizio Sestinim. “We spent two days with Lucie Safarova. She is just fourteen kilometers from us on her vacation. We are very good friends, so we are happy to see each other even out of the season,” she added.

You can find some photos of Andrea from their vacation in the photo gallery.

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