Other auctions

Other auctions

Three auctions were completed the day after Christmas day so we already know winners. There is another opportunity for those who didn´t win or missed the information. There will be other auctions with things from the Fed Cup final in Prague!

Towel from the exhibition in Colombia was auctioned by Martina Fialova. Jiri Horak can look forward to the Olympic calendar with Autograph and Jeremie Mulnard auctioned the Fed Cup final shirt with Autographs. “I congratulate successful bidders and thank you to all who participated,” Andrea Hlavackova added. Winners will be contacted again by e-mail in few days.

The account of Andrea Hlavackova foundation could extend again. There are other auctions at the end of the year. Pink Cap, Training Shirt and Sweatshirt. All things are with the autographs of this year Fed Cup winning team. So do not hesitate, you have a chance to help the needy this year! Thank you!

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