The auction of last things from the FED CUP

The auction of last things from the FED CUP

Still you didn´t gain anything from the charity auctions of items from the FED CUP November finals? And do you desire some of them? Here is last chance. There are last signed pieces for the first auction of 2013.

In the last auction last year succeeded Lucie Doleckova (jacket, 3500 CZK), Tomas Behunek (training shirt, 800 CZK) and Goran Kovacevic (cap, 540 CZK). Everyone will be contacted by email and after the payment to a transparent account items will be sent to them. “This time it will be a little bit late. I´ll arrange everything after my return from Australia. Thank you for your patience,” Andrea Hlavackova said.

And for what you can look forward at this time? Andrea Hlavackova Foundation´s account will expands thanks to funds raised from auctions of tracksuit, tracksuit sweatshirt, red sweatpants, white sweatpants and other training shirt. “If the amount of the white tracksuit sweatshirt is high then the winner will get next red sweatpants like a bonus, which I have extra,” Andrea Hlavackova smiled.

Aukcions are held here.

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