Andrea is moving to Australia

Andrea is moving to Australia

The Chinese mission was not very successful, but thanks to it Andrea Hlavackova is more looking forward to tournament Apia International 2013, which is situated in Sydney. She arrived to Australia on Wednesday.

“On Tuesday I trained hard in Shenzhen because I honor the Czech proverb: How the New Year is then all year will be! There was no reason for bad mood because of some defeat,” Andrea Hlavackova, who lost in 1st round easily with Klara Zakopalova, said.

She flew to Australia during Tuesday night. “I can´t wait. I really like this country. In addition I will play doubles with Lucie. I´m looking forward to seeing all those people there too. Lucie Safarova will be there so It´ll be perfect,” she said.

Moreover Andrea likes more an Australian warmer climate. “In Australia there should be fifteen degrees more than in China. And the change of time would be benefit for me. I´ll have enough time for acclimatization before the start of qualification, which begins on Saturday. Cross your fingers before draw," Andrea smailed.

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